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Wilmington's First Sister Cities Symposium
Celebrating 26 Years of International Partnerships

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our first Sister Cities symposium an incredible success.  Two days of informative and stimulating sessions on topics covering global education, foreign trade, energy and commerce resulted in a rich and rewarding experience for everyone who attended. We especially want to acknowledge our Steering Committee co-chairpersons, Dale Smith and Kim Hufham for their leadership and dedication in creating such an outstanding program. 

We also want to thank all of our community partners - the Wilmington Chapter of the North Carolina World Trade Association, Wilmington Beaches Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, the Wilmington Business Journal, the North Carolina Ports Authority, and the Wilmington Convention Center for working collaboratively with Sister Cities to launch this first symposium in our city.

Particular and special thanks go to our financial supporters; BB&T, Coastal Instruments Dandong Company Ltd., Progress Energy and USA Investco LLC for their vision and leadership in contributing to this event.

A famous quote by the American icon, Steve Jobs, “Things don’t have to change the world to be important,” is very fitting in characterizing the efforts being made to bring attention to the importance of how we can work together in a global society. The symposium was a first step in strengthening the relationships between our cities, exploring new markets, and advocating for a greater emphasis on global education for our children.

From the Attendees and Presenters
▪  A marvelous first event!  See you in Doncaster 2013.
▪  Wonderful! Enjoyed every moment.  Thank you!  Walked away with terrific ideas!
▪  Excellent symposium.  Congratulations for your hard work.
▪  Great networking opportunities!
▪  Keep up the good work in fostering ties among colleagues both internal and international, 
  and also the community.
▪  Interesting juxtaposition of topics that definitely worked!!  Continue to further educational
   and business links!!
▪  Enjoyed the sessions.  Want to know more about the computer skills needed for the 21st
  century and how to internationalize the curriculum in a community college.
▪  Congratulations for the very successful symposium.  I enjoyed greatly attending and
▪  World View has made some new friends in the Wilmington area!
▪  I really enjoyed the International Symposium.  It was terrific! Thank you
▪  Everything was so well organized, the food, the setting, the hospitality was perfect, there
  were lots of wonderful characters and the format brought everything together so smoothly.
▪  I enjoyed Wilmington and the Sister Cities Symposium.  Very enlightening. 
▪  I enjoyed my visit greatly.  It was wonderful to see the continued marvelous unfolding of
  progress in Wilmington as well as connecting all of those so interested in fostering Sister
  City connections.  It was an honor to be there.

Presentation Materials
Many participants requested that presentations be made available on the web site and we listened.  Please click on one of the topics to access a PDF version of the presentation.  We are only able to provide the topics that have been provided to us with permission by the author for viewing from our site.