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2012 Daniel Pearl Peace through Music
Concert Wows Audience

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our second Sister Cities peace concert an evening that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. The diversity of the program was symbolic of how music unites us no matter which city, country or continent we live in. The words, music and song spoke to the universal desire for a peaceful world where people of different races, religions and beliefs can co-exist. We thank everyone who attended to pay tribute to the ideals that Daniel Pearl stood for while alive, and of course, his love of music. We especially want to acknowledge each of the performing groups and individuals that shared their talents and love of community for a standing room only crowd at St. Mary Catholic Church:

Michelle Li, WECT-TV News Anchor
New Beginning Christian Church Dance Ministry, Michele Lettsome, Director 
Dr. Earl Sheridan Wilmington City Council
Suzuki Violin School of Wilmington, Lorraine Westermark, Director
Rabbi Paul Sidlofksy, Temple of Israel
Wilmington Symphony Youth Orchestra, Steven Errante, Director
Girls’ Choir of Wilmington, Sandra Errante, Director
Pedro Esparza, Saxophone Soloist
B’nai Kavanotes, Thom Clemmons, Director
Robert Gruber, Star News
Carolina Vocal Arts Ensemble, Stephen Field, Director
GLOW Hand Mime Ministry, PJ Bolduc, Director

Special thanks go to our host St. Mary Roman Catholic Church and the steering committee members: Sara Bryant, Marilyn Cantarella, Phil Davis, Amanda Greene, Suzanne Smith and Lorraine Westermark. 

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The program included a slide show bringing attention to the names of journalists who died so far in 2012 while doing their job, without which basic human rights and the benefits of living in a free democracy would not be possible.  Only the names of those whose deaths have been investigated and confirmed are included in the Journalists Memorial in Washington, DC.  In researching the circumstances surrounding these courageous and dedicated individuals the following Facebook post from a journalist that was taken captive in Syria while covering the war is worth bringing attention to so we can live each day grateful for the freedoms we enjoy because of the bravery of others.  Austin Tice, 31 year old freelance journalist that writes for McClatchy Newspapers and the Washington Post, missing in Syria since August 23 posted this statement in July - “I don’t have a death wish – I have a life wish.  So I’m living in a place, at a time and with people who life means more than anywhere I’ve ever been – because every single day people lay down their own lives for the sake of others.” Earlier this month his parents spoke to the media after viewing a video of their son being circulated on the Internet by his captors said, “Our wish is that peace and stability can once again return to the people of Syria and that our eldest son, Austin, will soon be safely returned to our family.” Austin Tice is still missing.

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